Can Barrull:

Can Barrull is an unique and completely reconstructed rural house which provide
you a
special accomodation, breakfast and other services in the really relaxing
village of
Sant Feliu de Boada (Girona, Spain).
The village is surrended by medieval towns and by amazing natural areas.
Feel free to recognise this fairy place and get in touch with us. =)
Hope, we can help you to make your vacation unforgettable.


The rural house Can Barrull is keen on to introduce its artisanal local products, which are made with lots of care, attention and precise work. You can taste these products at the breakfast, but you can also buy them at the reception.

Why is it important for us?
  • First of all, we would like you to recognise the taste of the area. The best way to introduce our work is offering a diversified breakfast of our self-produced food products.
  • The Origin of products; the Healthy ingredients; the Food miles and Responsible producing  is very important for us. We think, these are the basics of a value-added rural tourism supply.
  • We would like to create an authentic service what is completely matched with the special values of locality.

about  the  products:

As we mantioned, we produce lots of different varieties of food products. Certain products we have always, but others periodically (depends of the yield). You can also buy them at the recepcion. The most popular food products are:
  • Pan de Casa  - Bread of house (Whole grain; White; Seedy; Olive bread, etc..)
  • Mermeladas - More types of jams (Fig, Lemon, PumpkinPeach, Plumb, etc..)
  • Olive oil - Think, our self produced olive oil is one of the most popular product there. We always provide it at the breakfast, and we have it also in different packages for sale. 
  • Cookie specialities - (Quince cake; Chocolate- or Cheesecake; Anise cake, etc..)
  • Other products ( Local vegetables and fruit; Ham; Cheese; Egg; Juices, etc..)

Jams, Membrillo, Roscos, Olive oil, Bread, Ham, Tortilla, Pate
We are proud of our Olive Productionstoo. See more here: Olive Productions

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