Can Barrull:

Can Barrull is an unique and completely reconstructed rural house which provide
you a
special accomodation, breakfast and other services in the really relaxing
village of
Sant Feliu de Boada (Girona, Spain).
The village is surrended by medieval towns and by amazing natural areas.
Feel free to recognise this fairy place and get in touch with us. =)
Hope, we can help you to make your vacation unforgettable.

jueves, 31 de marzo de 2016

Welcome to our site!

Dear Visitor,
The night piece

First, thank you for visit our site.

Let me to introduce ourselves. The goal of the blog is to show you all the beauty of the area of Sant Feliu de Boada. The reason why we recommend this area, is that we are in love with the regions natural/rural and cultural values. 

This is a perfect place to relax, to recreation or to try active tourism servicies. Whether it´s a walking tour or cycle tour (or just going by car), the area has a variety of different routes to discover the real touch of the nature. Take a walk and get enthralled of the narrow streets and visit the other middle-aged villages near, also with charming places.

Read something about the rural house Can Barrull:

The Can Barrull is our small company which is a completely reconsructed rural house, specialized for unique accomodation and breakfast of artisanal local products. We are keen on to increase our guests´ satisfaction. That is the reason we won different awards and got many positive evaluation from our guests, too (every year we are up to 9,3 from 10 at the evalution of We believe that the key of a special service is providing a really value-added service.

Wish you great discovery on this site and hope we can host you in the future.

- Can Barrull 

1 comentario:

  1. Me'l vaig trobar com es troben els grans descobriments, per atzar, produïa una sensació estranya i emocionat a la vegada, molt agradable, semblava com si el temps i la màgia haguessin fet un pacte en aquell lloc, com si els dies es repetissin en un temps sense pressa per marxar, com si les flors sempre haguessin estat aquí, com si els ocells et coneguessin ... i com si les pedres d'aquelles parets les haguessin col·locat les mans d'un mateix Déu ...
    Semblava que anés a trobar els meus records darrere de la cortina que la llum feia amb la penombra de l'escala, darrere de cada racó, de cada pas...
    Me'l vaig trobar com es troben els grans descobriments, Can Barrull era el lloc on van jugar tots els nens que s'amaguen dins de cadascun de nosaltres ...